Fast and effective computer repair in Swindon.

MAT Computer Repair provides a wide range of maintenance services, including hardware renovation, data recovery and virus cleaning for residents and businesses in Swindon.

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We provide computer repair and maintenance services in Swindon and the surrounding areas, with four years of experience working with Windows operating system. We cover a wide range of repair and maintenance services, regarding both laptop and desktop computers.

Home and office visits are available.

We're happy to visit you at your office or home to solve the problem on location. Alternatively, we can come and collect your computer to repair it back in our workshop.


Repair and renovation of individual computer parts, including:

Renovation of motherboard, display card, processor, chipset, RAM, hard drive, charging sockets.
Processor and fan cleaning
Renovation of coolant pastes on processors


Maintenance services, regarding system and desktop applications, including:

Data recovery
Virus and spam cleaning
Software and driver installation
Formatting and operating system installation, including Win7, Win8, Win10 and Windows XP

Secure your work with regular checkups.

We highly recommend regular backups and virus scan to keep your computer and the important files safe. On regular checkups, we backup your files, scan your computer for virus and malware, run health checks, solve any issues found and install the softwares you need to run your computer more efficiently.

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07366 310471